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Sati Group

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SATI’s designs are present in over 50 countries from all over the world, and in over 14,000 sales points. The SATI FABRICS has subsidiaries in Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Russia and Cuba. It also has commercialisation contracts in Greece, Switzerland and China.

From the beginning, SATI has created its own style of design with Mediterranean roots, contributing its own point of view to larger international trends.

50 Years Decorating Homes
For over 50 years, SATI has dedicated itself to the manufacturing of fabrics for home decoration, as well as technical fabrics. Founded in 1961, with its headquarters in Barcelona, SATI began its activities in the field of weaving and technical fabrics, in its industrial centre in La Garriga. The company has grown extensively, and one of the most important moments was when it entered the field of fabrics for decoration, while maintaining its production of industrial fabrics.

Since 1966 it has been operating with a structure for the overall production of fabrics and finishes. An important milestone for the company was the introduction of the first cut length service in Spain in 1977. The main industrial plant, measuring over 40,000 m2, is located in La Garriga; the weaving and finishes are produced there, and distribution is also centralised there. In 1996 SATI culminated its ambitious project of optimising technique and logistics, with the starting-up of the fully automatic computerized warehouse.

Today SATI is a symbol of quality and is backed up by the certification of ISO 9001 standards, which includes all the production process. The most important project carried out by SATI was the concentration of all the company’s departments in its facilities in La Garriga. The coming together of all the staff guarantees more fluent communication and efficient logistics, allowing an assurance of maximum competitiveness. The company counts on a workforce of 310 people.

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