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SIMTA was born in 1949 in Turin to promote the sale of the fabrics realized by the family weaving.

In 1959 the first commercial subsidiary is opened in Milan, followed by the one in Padova.

In these years the company enriches its entrepreneurial activity becoming Textile publisher for home interiors.

The experience and the engagement of many years of work of Alessandro, Claudio and Corrado Besana, together with the certain quality of materials and the preciousness of taste in the edited collections, grants a strong development of the company all over the national territory.

And the story goes towards 1982, when it starts the need to make an advancing in quality, through structural and technological changes in modernity, and the need to aim to new markets: the headquarter moves to the prestigious commercial centre “Piero Della Francesca” in Turin.

Arrived in the new millennium, a new generation passage starts: Manuela, Patrizia and Stefano give continuance and development to their family company, bringing it with renewed success on the new Europe and on the most qualified international markets.

Today Simta is an established reality which through design care, creativity and service efficiency is able to promote its products taste and quality all over the world, in order to fulfil the needs of a customer base looking for more refinement and new emotions.

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